The Sleek and Brazilian Designs of Martin Eisler

From one talented Brazilian furniture designer to the next…today’s designer influence has a portfolio full of furniture designs so beautiful, we’re nearly speechless. We’re so in love with his work, we even forgive the fact that there’s nearly no information about him available on the internet. Who is this enigma? Martin Eisler.

Here’s what we do know about Eisler: Some reports say he was born in 1913 in Wien, Austria, while others claim he is from Argentina. He did die in 1977 in Argentina, so we'll let you make your own guesses. We know that he worked as an architect and designer in Argentina a bit, but mostly worked as a designer in Brazil anywhere from the early 1950’s to the late 1970's. He worked on his own designs and produced them himself, but also did a lot of work with the Brazilian company Forma.

You can immediately tell, upon viewing one of his furniture pieces, that Martin Eisler worked in the height of the Mid-Century Modern period. Lines are sleek, curves are fruitful and they just look cool. The thing that is different about Eisler’s work, and the thing which we just can’t put our finger on, is his pieces have a certain je ne sais quoi to them. Yes, they can be recognized as Mid-Century Modern pieces, but they also have a distinct style.

We think we love the colors of Eisler’s pieces the most. The color palette is definitely what tips his pieces off as Brazilian. You can see tones of browns, reds and golds in the woods, lacquered blacks, golden and mustard-toned yellows, reds, even the grays are warm-toned. Like Tenreiro last week, Eisler used many local exotic woods like jacaranda and civiona, but he also experimented with black lacquered wood, reverse painted glass, glass, bronze and cane materials.

So, we may not know more about Eisler’s background, and we can’t be sure of what his schooling is, or even know what his design philosophies in his own words are, but we sure know that we like his work (and by the prices attached to some of these pieces, we can be sure others do, too!)